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Schmetterling - 02 by aditya777

I have never done a Critique so here goes nothing!

This peice of art is outstanding , the colours , the textures. Just everything. When i was looking threw your gallery and saw this i stopped dead in my tracks. I would have to say that this is very impactful and left a imprint on my mind.

As much as it is amazing it is also brilliant , the simplicty of this , zet it being so complicated draws in the mind and inpires me to draw or photogragph possibly even write something that was inspired by this.

I myself am a aspiring artist in training so to speak but this just blew me away with the colours and how they mix. This peice of art is just simply incredible.

The charecters sleak and elegent , yet chic look ties the whole picture together nicely and let me just say that the wings are out of this world. Also the way the sort of fade in differnet places giving them a almost translucent look but still has colour , makes me think of the way a beautiful stained glass window in a church looks.

Just incredible. I love this work of art. Keep drawing you are very, very talented.
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